Customer Service

Each and every one of us serves customers, whether we realize it or not. Maybe you’re on the front lines of a company, serving the people who buy your products. Perhaps you’re an accountant, serving the employees by producing their pay checks and keeping the company running. Or maybe you’re a company owner, serving your staff and your customers.

The Customer Service workshop will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. Your participants will be provided a strong skillset including in-person and over the phone techniques, dealing with difficult customers, and generating return business.

By the end of the Customer Service workshop, you should be able to:

State what customer service means in relation to all your customers, both internal and external

Recognize how your attitude affects customer service

Identify your customers’ needs

Use outstanding customer service to generate return business

Build good will through in-person customer service

Provide outstanding customer service over the phone

Connect with customers through online tools

Deal with difficult customers

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